Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Chalk it up to vacation time away and jet lag that was difficult to recover from, but face it, I didn't spend much time in the studio last month. Finally, as an attempt to find that sewjo again, I started a new project, and that really helped.

So my Mini Saltwater earned the credit for getting me going again, and it was fun to boot.

Bee blocks were a good next step - entertaining but not too taxing.

And then, I had to get serious. I was scheduled to participate in Selfish Sewing Week, for which I'd decided to make a Brookfield Bag, pattern by Sara Lawson. That process was quite enjoyable and kept me on task last week. Once it was done, I felt 'back to normal'. yay.

Next was an unplanned apron for my granddaughter.

And finally, I just finished binding my latest Spiraled quilt, which I'll share more about yet this week.

Soooo, the month started out dragging, but I think it finished up ok!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday at the Table

Grandgirl was over the other day, and after a while she asked what we were having for dinner. I told her, and her quick reply was, "I don't like that idea." (She's very nearly 4.) She went straight to the fridge, yanked open the door, while retorting, "Let's see what's in here." Having no inkling she'd find much interesting in our refrigerator's post-vacation emptiness, she soon announced, "Hmm. Let's have eggs and toast." Why not? So we got to work.

I was a tad surprised when grandgirl announced she'd crack the eggs, but always one to encourage kids in the kitchen, I got her stool so she could wash her hands and then work at the counter. Just 1 little reminder about where to place her thumbs after cracking the first egg was all it took, and I tell you, in no time we were ready to scramble.

All that to say, when I needed some random sewing the next night and came across a plain pre-made apron in my stash, I knew it was time. I'd purchased the kid-sized apron last year when I made my own Polka-Dot-Cafe-Apron during the Zakka 2.0 :: Patchwork, Please sew along, intending to downsize the Zakka design for grandgirl, but I never did. Debating on blocks for the pockets, I finally decided to keep it simple and went with an old favorite, the Polaroid block from CapitolaQuilter. The bright pink of the apron made me immediately think of Cotton+Steel tiger stripes along with a couple of other C+S coordinates. Fussy cutting definitely seemed the way to go.
Working from a fuzzy memory, I framed the Polaroids in white and sewed them into a row. Backed with a layer of batt, I matchstick quilted around the blocks with some straightish lines using Aurifil 12wt #4660 (Pink Taffy). Then I added the lining using a technique that left a tall enough flange to show off those sweet daisies. Easy peasy and just the amusement I needed. Stitch the rectangle onto the apron, dividing into 3 child-sized pockets, and it was done.
When I showed the apron to grandgirl over the weekend, she did admit the "kitties" were really cute, and pink was her favorite color, but she refused to try it on. So time will tell if it gets any use, but it was a fun diversion at any rate, and apron or no, I'm curious what she'll have us cook up next.

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