Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Bee Sewcial prompts never fail to intrigue. M-R/Quilt Matters directed us to one of Stephen Von Worley's maps coloured by orientation for our inspiration this month, with the overall theme of "Direction". Remember we use only solids in this bee. For background, we were asked to use medium to dark grays. In a single color per block, we were to create aerial maps of 'neighborhoods' in two 12.5" unfinished blocks. The thinner (1") strips indicate residential roads; the thicker (up to 2"), highways.

I zeroed in on two separate neighborhoods on Mr. Von Worley's map, and attempted to recreate them to some degree, pulling from my scrap basket for all the colors. These were truly very enjoyable blocks to make, and seeing them with others on Instagram [#beesewcial] leaves no doubt that this is going to be a stunner of a quilt.

Next up was a piece for a Bee Sewcial swap [#beesewcialswap], and it has morphed into something quite unexpected...such as a recreation and possible tutorial. Yeah. So stay tuned....